Thursday, April 30, 2015

26 Bullet Points To Sum Up The Past 10 Months

I haven’t written a post in a really long time.  There has been a lot going on so I will summarise with bullet points. 

  • Summer 2014 happened.  We didn’t make it to the beach which made me sad.
  • Emily started an online school which she does from home.  She loves it and so do we.
  • We decided to buy a house, so we did and we moved one town over in October.  We are very happy.
  • The leaves fell off the trees (all except one tree which was really weird).
  • Kaitlyn played indoor soccer, it was fun except the early Saturday morning games (7 am, what!!)
  • We got a puppy for Kaitlyn for Christmas.  The surprise was ruined by Amazon but she still thought it was cool. 
  • James’ mom continues her battle with cancer.  In January they moved in with us to be closer to her hospital while her treatment is ongoing. 
  • James lost his job.
  • James got a new job really close to our house (no more commute – yay).
  • James shoveled a path through the snow on the deck so he could BBQ.  He didn’t let the deepest recorded snow ever stop him!  It tasted amazing.
  • We bought an eighth of a cow, named him Terrence and are enjoying eating him piece by piece (sorry vegetarians/vegans).
  • We signed up for a local CSA and are eagerly awaiting the weekly influx of fresh and locally grown fruit and veges.
  • My parents came for their long planned return visit.
  • James and I had to move to the basement to sleep while the house is full of extra people.  This involved a late night emergency trip to IKEA one night when the air mattress didn’t work out for us. 
  • We replaced my van with an SUV and we can now fit everyone including the grandparents in at one time.
  • Abigail had her first ever birthday party.  It was a blast.  She will turn 5 on Mother’s Day this year.
  • Isabel has taken to removing her nappy in her cot (just imagine the horror).  In response, we have taken to duct taping the tabs closed so she can’t.  This is the first child we’ve had to do this to since Emily.
  • Emily burned herself on the chest with chicken pot pie gravy and will need a skin graft to fix it.  She wondered what kind of food they would have at the hospital and we decided it probably wouldn’t be chicken pot pie.  We go in on Monday for a mother/daughter overnight experience.  I think we both wish it was a mother/daughter trip to get pedicures instead.
  • My parents went to England to visit my sister.  They’ll be back in June.
  • The gas guy came around to replace the gas meter (every 7 years apparently) just as I discovered the dog had peed on the floor and Abigail proudly announced that she had peed in her underpants too!
  • Pepper (the dog) had a slight reaction to eating too many crayons and threw up on my new couch cushion.  It wasn’t even a cool colour.
  • I just now got Abigail’s proper birth certificate in the mail so she can start school in September.
  • This is just the highlights, how am I still functioning?
  • I just looked in the mirror and noticed all the little hairs around my top lip have turned white at the roots and I have a pimple on my nose.
  • It’s ok, I took care of my little problem from the bullet point above, there’s no use looking for them next time you see me.
  • This was supposed to be the year of awesomeness.  Can we please get back to that now?

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  1. I am so sorry for this year, but I delight always in your amazing humor! It's a gift! Oh, may the next few months bring relief, no peed pants or floors, healed burnt skin, no more crayon meals for Pepper, healing for James's mom, etc. etc.