Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Week In The Life - Day 5 Almost There

I got everyone out the door in record time this morning. We all accompanied Emily down the driveway to meet the bus. Both Kaitlyn and Abigail pushed their strollers up and down while we waited.

Abigail and I went to our regular playgroup after dropping Kaitlyn at school and it was so nice to sit and watch her play and chat to friends. Afterwards I decided to do drive through McDs for lunch in the hopes that Abigail was be ready for a nice nap as soon as we got home. I got in line and waited for my turn. I'm really bad at deciding stuff in general but when I have the pressure of a line of cars behind me and a box with a voice asking me if I am ready to order my brain just clams up and I find it difficult to think straight. Add to this the fact that I have a non American accent and it makes for interesting drive through moments.

One time I went through a drive through and asked for 2 Happy Meals for girls and a number 11 meal (the fish). They gave me a toy for a boy (with no meal) and an angus burger.

Today I ordered a Happy Meal for Abigail which was easy but I couldn't decide what I wanted. Well actually it wasn't that I couldn't decide it was that I had forgotten what I wanted. I got a bit flustered and made a not quite snap decision that I would have a Big Mac meal. My reason for this decision was that I didn't want the sesame seed bun that the Quarter Pounder comes on. I spent the drive home trying to get sesame seeds off the Big Mac bun which I'm quite sure were perfectly visible in the picture. What I had actually wanted to eat but had forgotten in the heat of the drive through moment was a Filet of Fish Burger.

Needless to say Abigail did not nap when we got home but we got to take a small breather before going to get Kaitlyn.

I was supposed to go to book club tonight but it was just too much with James being gone and me wanting to get the kids in bed on time. So instead we accepted an invitation to dine with friends. It was so nice to go through my normally busy Thursday knowing that at least I didn't have to worry about what we were going to eat. Kaitlyn had been busy practising her manners as I mentioned yesterday and I was curious to see how she went.

The girls did pretty well unless you count Abigail standing up on her chair during dinner. Nobody said they didn't like the food (it was exceptionally good) and Emily even asked for more beef and green beans! Kaitlyn did announce that she could actually burp as loud as daddy after asking to be excused for a small burp during the meal. Oh well, at least she didn't demonstrate.

On the drive home it was still light and as we drove beside a lake a creature popped up onto the road and tentatively started across directly in front of my car. I slowed down and asked the girls what they thought it was. As it scurried back to the safety of the lake Emily announced that it was an otter. Kaitlyn then added her words of wisdom "well I think they should have a otter crossing sign, then we would definitely know what it was".

We got home and the girls did a great job helping me get the rubbish and recycling out to the curb for tomorrow's pickup. Emily did get slightly carried away when she was in the lead position while her and Kaitlyn carried the recycling bin between them. Her competitive streak had a shining moment and she started running, poor Kaitlyn didn't know this was about to happen and landed on her face. No harm done but I did have to remind Emily that putting out the rubbish is not a competitive sport.

The girls are finally in bed and quiet. As the older two were getting ready Kaitlyn asked Emily not to kick her tonight, I echoed these sentiments and Emily said "well, I don't think I can help it really. I actually kneed myself in the forehead one time". I told her not to be offended if she gets pushed over in the night I said "I love you but I really don't want to get beaten up while I sleep".

Tomorrow is our last full day of being Jamesless and I think we are all looking forward to seeing him on Saturday morning. I have so much laundry and tidying to do before then that I'm sure the day will go by very quickly.

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  1. hahaha We loved having you :) I love your family.